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Streets with positive food fengshui

posted Jul 16, 2011 09:11:48 by NancyLi
While other corners of Paris are well-known food deserts, some streets are blessed with a rich concentration of good eateries. I elect:
rue des Petites Ecuries/rue Richer, with:
Öslem, El Papi Chulo, Vivant, L'Orient d'Or, An Li, La Cuisine de chez moi, Bob de Tunis, Kiku, l'Office.
The bonus at the end of the street (on the rue Richer end) is the great chocholate and candy store A la Mère de Famille, which is making its own ice cream these days !

Dear fellow Mouths, what are some of the other great food fengshui pockets of Paris?
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SophieBrissaud said Jul 16, 2011 16:57:07
I must admit you've hit very hard with your first reference. It is not easy to find streets with such great fengshui as this one. Though I would add that the whole neighborhood (roughly, North of the Grands Boulevards between rue Montmartre and boulevard de Strasbourg) has exceptional food fengshui: rue du Faubourg-Saint-Denis, from its South to its North end, is amazing.

I think the rue de Bretagne, from the Filles-du-Calvaire to the Mairie du 3e, also has good food fengshui, with many good food stores and the Marché des Enfants-Rouges, Le Progrès, Mmmozza, and Candelaria.
Margaret said Jul 17, 2011 00:52:17
Great topic and nominations, Nancy. I'm particularly titillated by the reference to La Cuisine de Chez Moi. It doesn't Google. More specifically, how does one reserve.........:)
NancyLi said Jul 17, 2011 09:25:47
I'm particularly titillated by the reference to La Cuisine de Chez Moi. It doesn't Google.

If you google the name with the addres 14 rue Richer, you will find a lot more references. Closed Sunday lunch.
JohnTalbott said Jul 17, 2011 16:06:44
Oh la la.
The Rue Paul Bert is lacking fengshui?
With the Bistrot Paul Bert, L'Ecailler du Bistrot, La Cocotte, Unico, Crus et Découvertes, etc.?
SophieBrissaud said Jul 17, 2011 18:35:34
Where did anyone write that the rue Paul-Bert was lacking fengshui? It is one of the most inexplicably food-fengshui-loaded streets in Paris.
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JohnTalbott said Jul 17, 2011 18:50:56
My point exactly; I guess sarcasm doesn't work here.
SophieBrissaud said Jul 18, 2011 07:10:38
Indeed the rue Paul-Bert and the Faubourg Saint-Denis (not just the street but the whole area) immediately come to mind. Do we see anything else?

I believe the market streets do not count (rue Cler, rue Mouffetard, rue de Lévis-Poncelet), no more than do the remaining traces of disappeared markets (the shopping area around the Saint-Paul church where the former marché Saint-Paul used to be). In their case it is not really food fengshui, they are supposed to be there. I would perhaps name the rue Saint-Charles in the XVe, and there's a portion of the rue Lecourbe (near the Cambronne intersection) that has really good food fengshui. For food shopping, not so much for restaurants.

Other ideas?
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NancyLi said Jul 18, 2011 08:11:36
I agree that market streets should not count, although rue Faubourg St Denis is sort of a market street. It is sort of so many things though...

I also think that Saturne-Frenchie may be setting up some promising fengshui, but it is still in the setup stage…
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SophieBrissaud said Jul 18, 2011 08:38:07
Despite being quiet, the rue de la Banque has pretty good food fengshui. Not a very long street and there's Le Bougainville, Liza and Saturne... But as you say it is still in the setup stage.

The Japanese-Korean (with a bit of Chinese and Vietamese added) food fengshui of the rue Sainte-Anne, rue de Richelieu and rue Saint-Augustin is also worth reporting.
jbsphillips said Jul 18, 2011 09:58:48
Rue du Fbg St Denis and environs.

Where's the worst though? I nominate rue du Chateaudun.
SophieBrissaud said Jul 18, 2011 10:11:17
As Khalil Gibran wrote about a completely different matter, "I can speak about Good, but I cannot speak about Evil". I cannot think of a street with particularly bad food fengshui, it can change in a pinch. That could be a separate thread though.
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NancyLi said Jul 18, 2011 10:33:57
Indeed, to elect the worst food fengshui street is like electing the worst country&western lyrics.
JulienTort said Jul 21, 2011 17:53:05
Rue Lauriston always struck me as special food fengshui. Rue de Longchamp does pretty OK too. Rue Malar, of course, and Saint-Dominique.

Seriously, why do we always neglect the posh neighborhoods?
NancyLi said Jul 21, 2011 18:10:48
why do we always neglect the posh neighborhoods?

La lutte des classes ?
SophieBrissaud said Jul 21, 2011 21:21:19
Because we hardly ever have a reason to go there? That's not necessarily a choice, there's good food shopping on rue des Belles-Feuilles and rue de Tocqueville, too.
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